About Lulu Organics

Lulu at her treehouse in upstate, NY.


Lulu Organics was founded by me — Linda 'Lulu' Aldredge.  After a decade working in the beauty and fashion industry I wanted to follow more of a passion than a career.  I studied herbalism as a hobby and for fun foraged for edible and medicinal herbs on my land in upstate NY.  I would boil them down into herbal medicines and beauty products. 

I was inspired to start a company simply because I felt like my desires weren't met by the corporate beauty industry — I wanted simple, pared-down products with food-grade ingredients and no preservatives — much less chemicals I couldn't decipher (or pronounce).  From there Lulu Organics was born.


Our mission as a small organic beauty company is to stay homegrown and remain dedicated to the well-being of our customers.

We want you to have confidence in our handmade products and trust that the ingredients are simple, healing, and most importantly, safe for your body!

Visit our products page for information about the ingredients we use, and follow us on Twitter or  Facebook where we regularly post links to informative websites regarding beauty and health. We also post information regarding local pop-ups. 

Always feel free to contact with your thoughts and questions!